MetroConnect Helps You Improve The Quality Of Your Business Through Our Innovative Approach


In today's marketplace, the stakes have gotten higher and the margins have gotten lower.


We look to help you discover inefficiencies that others overlook. This aids in driving down your costs of operation and increases your bottom line.


Your Company Faces Its Own Unique Challenges

Whether you're managing your fleet, your people, your customers, or your equipment,

MetroConnect's Mobile Data Solutions for Business can help along the way.


Find out how MetroConnect's FleetArmor+ hardware and fully integrated solutions can be tailored to your individual needs. Gain greater visibility into all of your operations and make better decisions that streamline your operations.


The Truth of the Matter Is, We See Opportunities That Others Do Not


Discover Some of the Benefits of MetroConnect's Mobile Data Solutions for Business:



ico fuel

Let MetroConnect show you how to become more     FuelSmart and

Fuel Efficient.

Choose The Better Network! With the Utmost in Encryption, Security & Reliability.

Local Service Local Support
A National Brand with a Home Town Feel. MetroConnect, we are Main Street USA.

Customer Satisfaction
Give Your Customers the Piece of Mind They Deserve with Live Dispatch & Tracking.
Improve your visibility and keep your business running like a well oiled machine.
Safety & Compliance
MetroConnect Promotes Compliance & Accountability. Say Goodbye to Fines and Say Hello to Safety.
Vehicle & Fleet Diagnostic Tools at your Fingertips.
We Offer Fully Customizable Reporting Systems to help You Monitor the Critical Data that You Need to Improve the Quality of Your Business.
Dollar a Day
MetroConnect Data Plans Starting From As Low As A Dollar A Day.
Tax Benefits
Special Incentives for Your Business that Save You REAL Time and REAL Money.

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