Customer Satisfaction

Improve Your Customer Service


Your Customers Make Your Business Run.

In this economic climate, it's hard enough keeping a customer, let alone attracting a new one. Stay head and shoulders above your competitors and keep your customers satisfied, with MetroConnect's Fleet Management Solutions.



Run your business with extreme efficiency, and leave the competition in the dust.

  • Quicker Deliveries by Dispatching the Closest Vehicle 
  • Reduce Customer Wait Times
  • Increase Driver Accountability
  • Reduce Customer Discrepancies
  • Improve Customer Loyalty



Go Beyond Dispatch
*COMING SOON: MetroConnect's "MetroTracker"tracker

 A Real Time Mobile Tracking Application Built Specifically With Your Customer In Mind


Now you can offer your customers the ability to track and monitor their shipments and orders over your system, without spending millions of dollars on development and implementation.




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