Fuel Smart

Become FuelSmart
With Fuel Costs Near $5.00 A Gallon And Still On The Rise, It's One Of Your Biggest Expenses

Companies can’t afford to make mistakes. Although we can’t decide what you pay at the pump, MetroConnect's FuelSmart ideas help you minimize fuel consumption and reduce costs.


MetroConnect's real-time monitoring, asset tracking and reporting eliminates schedule deviations and back tracking for fleets of any size. By optimizing your dispatching, you can expect more fuel efficient operations and a lower fuel bill.

*Coming Soon* Get Easy Fuel Tax Reporting for Your Vehicles 
Save on administrative costs with MetroConnect's FuelSmart Tax Reporting. We can save your company time and money by creating fuel tax trails easily and effortlessly. 

Improve The Quality of Your Business And Increase Your Bottom Line

  • Create Simple Fuel Tax Trails
  • Optimize Routing & Lower Your Fuel Consumption
  • Lower Your Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Your Labor Costs

Generate Reports & Alerts To Prevent Fuel Wasting Behaviour, Such As:

  • Speeding

  • Heavy Throttling

  • Long Idle Times

  • Decrease Miles Driven

  • Limit Off-Hour Driving

  • Minimize Wasted Journeys 


At MetroConnect, We Are Goal Oriented

Our interest lies in helping our customers save on millions of gallons of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by encouraging smarter driving. By combining intelligent navigation and fleet management tools we also look to help cut average fuel consumption by 20% and driving time by nearly 1/3.



Environmental Responsibility Rests On All Of Us

Our products and services support efficient use of motor vehicles and attempt to avoid waste and limit environmental impact.


Minimize your carbon footprint now with MetroConnect's Mobile Data Solutions for Business.

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Fuel Fact: The DOT (Department of Transportation) estimates that 30% of all tires on American roadways are under inflated, which results in 2 billion gallons of wasted fuel per year.


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