MetroConnect's Reporting Solutions help you oversee and manage your fleet's maintenance cycles. Extend the lifetime of your fleet, reduce over-servicing and increase the value of your assets.


From oil change schedules to tire pressure monitoring systems and more, MetroConnect helps you to keep your fleet on the road, running at Optimum Efficiency.



Get The Best Performance Out Of Your Vehicles with:

  • Vehicle Maintenance Status
  • Vehicle Maintenance Logs
  • Fleet Out Of Service Reporting
  • Driver Behavioural Monitoring



MetroConnect helps you to manage only the items that are important to you.



We Can Fully Customize Your Diagnostic Needs To Your Specifications


Custom Designed Reports For Just About Anything Your Company Needs To Keep Track Of.

Lower your maintenance costs, and keep your vehicles safe. Receive alerts on maintenance schedules and incident reports so you can extend the lifetime of your fleet.

  • Discover The Little Things That Cost A Lot And Optimize The Lifetime Of Your Fleet
  • Eliminate Under Servicing
  • Eliminate Over Servicing
  • Address Concerns Before They Become Issues
  • Reduce Unexpected Downtime
  • Prevent Vehicle Abuse


MetroConnect's vast array of reporting allows you to manage your vehicles for peak optimization, while sinking your bottom line, and improving the performance of your vehicles. To find out about reports, Click Here.



Fact: The DOT (Department of Transportation) estimates that 30% of all tires on American roadways are underinflated,  which results in 2 billion gallons of wasted fuel per year and 40,000 preventable accidents.



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