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From the desk to the driver and everything in between. Management solutions designed with your business performance in mind. 

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Identify And Address Wasteful Workers Behavior And Costly Activities

Set speed thresholds to reduce safe driving practices. Monitor idling and save money on wasted fuel consumption. With a few sensors in the right places, the reporting possibilities are endless...


Reports can be created from an abundance of criteria, creating a wealth of information to help ensure your company is running at full steam, and improving the quality of your business.


Some of our most popular standard & customized reports include:


Activity Report

Details all the events that a vehicle, device or driver has generated for a set period, all chosen by you.


Executive Summary Report

Provides summarized activity info on driving hours, distance traveled, travel time, stop time and idle times.


Mileage Report

Details the total mileage for a vehicle, including the total mileage for any duration of time selected.


Geo-Fence Report

Set boundaries that will indicate when a vehicle or asset has entered or exited a defined area. Ask how RFID tags together with Geo-Fencing can keep your smaller equipment and assets safe & secure.


Customer Site Report

Provides which vehicle has been to what Customer Site, when they arrived and the length of their stay. 


Unauthorized Event Report

Reports on all unauthorized movement. Schedule periods where no unauthorized activity should occur using GeoFencing. This report is used to increase security levels and shows unauthorized vehicle use outside of business hours.


Idle Report

Tells you when, where and how long a vehicle has been idling. 


Overspeed Report

Allows you to identify every time a vehicle or driver was recorded travelling faster than the speed limited in a defined area. Recieve the date, time and location of speeding events.


Stop Report

Lists every stop that a vehicle makes over a given time period and shows how long the vehicle was stopped at each location.


Trip Report

Creates a run sheet on the activity of a given vehicle.  Information can include every trip (between ignition on and ignition off), distance, time and on site time. Use this report to verify timesheets and job logs.


Speed Analysis Report

Details driver behaviour over  a given time and provides a statistical representation of driver behaviour. 


Vehicle Maintenance Status Report

Details the status of vehicle maintenance schedule.


Vehicle Maintenance Log Report

Details the log completed when a vehicle maintenance issue has been addressed.


Message Report

Reports on all messages sent and received between the driver and dispatch.


Event Alert Report

Reports on all alerts that were generated based on your defined criteria.


Location Report

Allows you to draw a temporary location on the map so you can identify any vehicle activity within that location during a date/time range you selected.


Time Sheet Report

Details a full summary of hours spent over a defined time period on start time, stop time, hours, and distance traveled, stopped hours,  as well totals for each.


Fleet Out of Service Report

Highlights vehicles that are underperforming based on distance and ignition times you define. 



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