Safety & Compliance

As we move into a more mobile and constantly connected future, communications behind the wheel has become a hot topic. Many new laws and mandates forbid the use of hand held devices while operating a motor vehicle, in order to promote safe driving.

These LAWS and MANDATES Cannot Be Taken Lightly


With Record Level Fines & Restrictions, Operators Can't Afford To Ignore Them Any Longer.

Your drivers, employees and assets are vitally important to the success of your business.

Now you can correct driver deviances, remain compliant, and keep your drivers safe.


MetroConnect's reports allow you to  monitor driver behaviours, such as heavy speeding and hours of service logs, keeping your company compliant with all new laws and mandates. Speeding is the leading cause of traffic related incidents, resulting  in heavy fines that can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


Hours of Service violations account for 49% of all tickets issued to Commercial Motor Vehicles resulting in millions of dollars in fines. Driver fatigue is a leading cause in vehicle accidents with commercial trucks. 


With MetroConnect's new iHOS EOBR Compliant automated hours of service, your drivers can automatically update their HOS without manual input. 

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Some Benefits Include:
  • Detect & Eliminate Falsified HOS Reports
  • Save 33% of Your Total Compliance Costs
  • Cut Paper & Safety Staff Costs 
  • Reduce Fines
  • Promote Safety


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Don't You Think It's Time To Become Safe And Compliant?


MetroConnect helps keep you Safe and Compliant

  • Promote Safety To Customers And Drivers
  • Correct Driver Deviances, Such As Speeding, Over Acceleration or Hard Cornering
  • Ensure Drivers Eyes Are Where They Should Be, On The Road
  • Reduce Fines
  • Eliminate Theft And Unauthorized Use
  • Be Compliant With Municipal, State, And Federal Law


Promote safety and responsibility with MetroConnect's FleetArmor+ line of products and services. Our cutting edge, data-only technologies provide a line of site between you and your drivers, without unsafe distractions and record level fines.



The 2009 estimated cost of all CMV crashes in America resulted in over $48 Billion in losses.



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