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MetroConnect  Partners With Its Dealers.


That's why we call it The Shared Revenue Dealer-Partner Program.

As a Dealer-Partner for an industry leader in fleet management solutions you will enjoy a new and exciting source of revenue.


We’re building our network of qualified Dealer-Partners across the country.  

If you make customer service a top priority, you need to become part of the MetroConnect Dealer-Partner family. MetroConnect is committed to an elevated level of customer service with a Main Street USA hometown feel, supported by a distinctly Made in USA brand.


This is an opportunity for you to offer more than just sales and service.

Serve your community and clients with the very best in cutting-edge mobile data solutions and help them improve the quality of their business while increasing your own bottom line.


MetroConnect's Shared Revenue Dealer-Partner Program enables our Dealer-Partners to earn long-term and residual income for an entirely new source of revenue.


Now you can be your community's One-Stop-Shop for everything in mobile data.




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Keeping Jobs At Home, Keeping Service At Home


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