Dollar a Day

MetroConnect Believes That Mobile Data Solutions Are For All Types And Sizes Of Business


Starting From As Little As A Dollar A Day, You Can Discover The Benefits Of A Mobile Data Solution For Your Business.


Mobile data solutions have been a long standing staple to some of the biggest fleets, allowing them to operate on a more efficient basis. More often than not the cost to implement these systems require a large capital investment, not normally available to smaller businesses.


Get The Benefits Of Big Business, Without The Big Budget!

There are over 500,000 trucking companies in the U.S., 97% of which operate 20 or fewer trucks, while 90% operate 6 or fewer trucks. The vast majority of these have no fleet management tools whatsoever. MetroConnect makes Fleet Management affordable, so whether you have 6 trucks or 600, there is a Mobile Data Solution built for your budget.


At MetroConnect, we didn't overlook America's Small Business. From as little as a Dollar a Day! With section 179 of the tax code, it's now even more affordable to get started with a mobile data solution from MetroConnect.  Read More.







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