Containers & Cargo

MetroConnect Helps You Keeps Track of it All


Utilizing MetroConnect's Cargo & Shipping Container tracking devices, you can be assured  your cargo and shipments are safe & secure. Now Asset Owners and Port Authority & Operators can monitor their entire operation from start to finish with Real-Time, Rapid Response, Fast Tracking Systems & Reporting. Now you can manage your cargo over a Private Shared Wireless Network.




Operational Benefits

  • Recover Lost Or Misplaced Containers
  • Identify And Correct Incorrect Container Placement


Productivity Benefits

  • Asset Visibility & Inventory Management
  • Simple Tracking Of Shipments Or Equipment In Real-Time
  • Improve Schedule Integrity
  • Lower Delayed & Misrouted Shipments
  • Lower Missed Delivery Windows


Cost Benefits

  • Reduce Theft And Insurance Costs With Geo-Fencing
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Decrease Insurance Costs
  • Reduce Equipment Inventories & Increase Asset Utilization
  • Reduce In Undelivered Cargo
  • Reduce Administration Cost (Customers Can Track Their Own Cargo, Eliminates Calls To Help Desk)



Customer Satisfaction Benefits

  • Improve Customer Service And Responsiveness
  • Notify Customer If Delivery Is Ahead Or Behind Schedule
  • Lower Cancellations Due To Late Service Delivery
  • Improved Customer Retention


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*COMING SOON: MetroConnect's "Metro Tracker"tracker

 A Real Time Mobile Tracking Application Built Specifically With Your Customer In Mind


Now you can offer your customers the ability to track and monitor their shipments and orders over your system, without spending millions of dollars on development and implementation.



MetroConnect Helps Keep Your Shipments Safe


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