Any Successful
Fleet Operator Knows 
Real-Time Information
& Performance Is Key 


At MetroConnect our Real-Time, Rapid Response, Fast Tracking Systems provide you with the Utmost in Encryption, Security & Reliability. All operating over a better kind of network, PSWN.


Get The Most Out Of Every Mile Driven


From knowing the location of your driver's, to making sure the correct shipment gets delivered to the right location, and what driver is closest to the next job is all part of your unique daily challenge.

With a variety of applications, MetroConnect can show you how to meet the needs and demands of your business more efficiently, while helping keep your pockets full with our cost effective solutions.


MetroConnect's Mobile Data Solutions For Business and the PSWN were built for the needs of enterprise, and small to medium sized businesses. Our Made In USA  products will help you keep track of anything and everything. With integrated GPS and Network coverage over the PSWN, MetroConnect's Fleet Management Solutions handle everything from basic tracking to 2 way messaging to dispatch, and a suite of fully integrated solutions.


Intelligent Hours of Service


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And now, with MetroConnect's iHOS Intelligent Hours of Service, your fleet can get easy electronic hours of service logging that's

EOBR Compliant, and save 33% off of your total compliance costs.






Some Examples Below Include:



RFID tagging a barcode scanning together with MetroConnect’s Mobile App (link) helps your customer keep track of their order, and ensures on time arrival.



Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage rely on our temperature monitoring telemetry to keep their goods at the appropriate temperature. Together with temperature threshold alerts, you can ensure your customers that their order is as fresh when it is delivered as it was when it was first loaded on the truck.




Keep an eye on vehicle diagnostics, from idling to driver performance with proven applications that keep your driver productive. Know which way the drum is spinning, monitor concrete temperature to ensure your customers order is correct, implement our hydraulic loading system to monitor how much concrete is delivered to avoid spoilage and leakage. Read More.


*With a capital expense payback of about one year, Nevada Ready Mix made the switch from a public network to a private mobile data system with the help of our team of highly-skilled engineers.


Tow, Service & Maintenance

Dispatch the closest driver to vehicles in need with our AVL system that gives you complete transparency into driver location. Make sure drivers are productive and eliminate excessive idling is just one of our many vehicle diagnostics solutions to help you save on fuel costs, and create geo-fences to monitor out of service use or theft.


And so much more. With no application too big or too small, remember that if we don’t have the application for you, simply request itand we’ll build it.


MetroConnect,together with the PSWN, is America's choice for mobile data. Find the FleetArmor+ Solution that you need, Click Here.



*COMING SOON: MetroConnect's "MetroTracker"tracker

 A Real Time Mobile Tracking Application Built

Specifically With Your Customer In Mind


Now you can offer your customers the ability to track and monitor their shipments and orders over your system, without spending millions of dollars on development and implementation.


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