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Seamless Expansion With Little to No Downtime. Exclusive To You, Only From MetroConnect. 




The people who protect our cities deserve and depend on the very best communications equipment. The systems and applications for use in the first responders community must prove reliable and tough. During times of distress, communication and coordination are paramount.


Relying on our Private Shared Wireless Network, the PSWN assures that communication will be delivered in a real time, rapid response environment. MetroConnect's CAD solutions paired with our Ruggedized FleetArmor+ products will provide your first responders with some of the best technology available.



Our Migration Plans

Whether you're building out a brand new infrastructure or improving on an existing platform, MetroConnect has some of the best migration plans in the business.


Our team of highly skilled engineers have the experience and the solutions to provide you with seamless expansion with little to no downtime.



Cost Effective Customizable Solutions

MetroConnect's Government & Public Safety Solutions don't break the bank!


Let our team of highly experienced engineers show you how we can create a customized solution without a customized price tag!


  • 911  Dispatch

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Department

  • Disaster Response

  • Ambulance

  • Water Works & Municipal Departments 

  • Traffic Systems


Get in touch with one of MetroConnect's Public Safety Specialist now, and we can build a completely customized CAD system to fulfill the unique needs of your department.



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