Ready Mix

MetroConnect Builds Custom Solutions Specifically for Your
Ready Mix Fleet!


Now you can go beyond the ‘What’s and Where’s’ of your mixing trucks.


Ready Mix concrete demands the highest levels of accuracy and attentiveness to ensure your client’s expectations are met.

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With MetroConnect’s custom Ready Mix solutions, you can have complete transparency over your operation and your product too. Perhaps you need to know just how much concrete is pouring out of the chute of your Ready Mix fleet, or what special additives are needed for the mix in extreme weather conditions.



MetroConnect helps you Manage your Ready Mix concrete:

  • Set temperature thresholds to ensure all orders are delivered accurately
  • Monitor the direction your drum is turning, to know when and where your driver is unloading
  • Sequence your dispatching accurately and prevent your mix from spoiling
  • Implement MetroConnect’s hydraulic loading system to manage accurate delivery weights

...and so much more.


MetroConnect helps you Manage Your Trucks:

  • MetroConnect’s diagnostic tools keep your vehicles running at optimal performance 
  • Manage idling time and save money on wasted fuel
  • Ensure your trucks are working the way they are supposed to


MetroConnect's MC6000 Guardian is the FleetArmor+ ruggedized hardware solution built right for the job. Discover the benefits of a MetroConnect Custom Ready Mix Solution and you can realize real cost savings almost immediately. For more information Click Here .  


Operate and manage your Ready Mix fleet over the PSWN , and get the utmost in encryption, security, & reliability!





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