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MetroConnect Provides
Real Time, Rapid Response, Fast Tracking Systems for M2M, Telemetry & SCADA Solutions.


Real-Time Data helps your fleet of equipment operate at peak performance. Just a few sensors in the right places can give you the visibility and control that your business demands.

Connect over the PSWN and receive the Utmost In Encryption, Security and Reliability.


Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Get the critical information that you need about your equipment's performance in order to avoid costly downtime. Receive important alerts and critical  advanced-warning data that helps you stay on top of your telemetry needs.



Discover The Benefits Of MetroConnect's M2M, Telemetry & SCADA Solutions: 

          • Create Thresholds & Prevent Breakdown of Equipment 
          • Have The Ability to Make Quick Decisions with Real-Time Data
          • Decrease Your Servicing Costs 
          • Maximize Your Assets Utilization
          • Extend the Life of Your Equipment
          • Ensure Maximum Production & Efficiency
          • Improve Operator Safety


Some Industries include: 

  • Parking Meters 
  • Oil & Gas Chemical Plants Utilities 
  • Water, Power & Gas
  • PTC - Positive Train Control
  • Vending Machines
  • ATM's
  • Water Management & Purification
  • Manufacturing


A MetroConnect system offers multiple benefits for companies who look to cut costs and increase efficiency. MetroConnect's MC5000 Falcon is the price/performance leader for all of your M2M, Telemetry, & SCADA needs. Click Here for more information.


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