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MetroConnect carries a full suite of applications & solutions built for the needs of your business.

We offer one of the most comprehensive lists of applications that are tailored to each industry. 



With MetroConnect, you can get Real-Time updates on your vehicle’s location and monitor the driving behaviour of your workforce. Dispatch the closest vehicle, work more efficiently, and be assured that your valuable assets are safe. Watch the Demo.

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2-Way Messaging

Help your driver’s stay compliant and keep their focus on the road with 2-Way messaging from MetroConnect. 2-Way messaging assures that the only information you get is only what’s important, increasing the efficiency of your drivers.

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Stay compliant with the ever changing laws and mandates of hours of service logging. Maintain the safety of your drivers and be assured that they aren’t driving outside of regulatory hours with solutions and equipment from MetroConnect. Read More.

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Mobile Payments

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Get paid instantly, drive down customer discrepancies and improve the quality of your business with a MetroConnect mobile payment system.  

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Trailer Door Status

Keep an eye on everything behind the driver. Together with GPS/AVL, you can make sure the right order goes to the right place and keep track of everything.  

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Temperature Monitoring

Significantly lower the amount of spoilage. Set thresholds to monitor the temperature of your shipments, so your customer's order is the quality they expect. MetroConnect helps you stay up to date on the Food Safety Modernization Act, and helps you keep your shipments and your supply chain safe!

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Magnetic Card Readers

Accept Credit Card payments instantly and utilize driver identification cards in your vehicles so you know how is driving what, and promote safety and accountability in your organization.

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Track more now. Go beyond your vehicles. With RFID tags you can monitor where all of your equipment, assets and inevtory is no matter how big or small, and maintain their security. RFID's also allow for individual palette tracking of shipments, so you can know where everything is, all the time.

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Barcode Scanning

Keep track of all of your inventory coming on and off your vehicles and ensure they’re being delivered to the right place with barcode scanning from MetroConnect.

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Fingerprint Scanning

Maintain the utmost in security with MetroConnect’s fingerprint scanning solutions. Keep your information private and confidential with state of the art technology used by some of the most advanced businesses in the world.

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MetroConnect's applications and peripherals qualify for Section 179 of the tax code. Read More.
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