MetroConnect Introduces Intelligent Hours of Service

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MetroConnect's new iHOS over a Private Shared Wireless Network is an Industry First for Hours of Service. Automate driver's hours of service log books with a solution that is Fully EOBR Compliant, and takes all of the work out of recording and archiving your driver's hours. With iHOS you can cut your compliance costs by 33% or more.

MetroConnect's iHOS eliminates violations by tapping into your engines diagnostics to record vehicle on/off times, and allows for entry of on duty status & sleeper berth.


Become Fully EOBR Compliant with iHOS By MetroConnect


Intelligent Hours of Service allows you to:

  • Eliminate Falsified Logs

  • Be Fully Compliant With Driver Hours Of Service Regulations

  • Accurately Record Fuel Tax Reporting Trails

  • Cut Compliance Costs By 33%

  • Eliminate Data Entry

  • Receive Immediate Logging Reports Of Your Drivers


Integrate iHOS with MetroConnect and you can become FuelSmart with simple fuel tax reporting. Along with AVL/GPS solutions by MetroConnect, you can get a more reliable fuel tax trail.


Stay compliant with the ever changing laws and mandates of hours of service logging. Maintain the safety of your drivers and be assured that they aren’t driving outside of regulatory hours with iHOS by MetroConnect.



Get Intelligent Hours of Service over a Private Network. Get iHOS with the MC Tablet for your company, and stay compliant. 


Be Safe & Compliant. MetroConnect. Mobile Data Solutions for Business

iHOS qualifies for Section 179 of the tax code. Read More.

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