MC 5000 Falcon

Falcon1The MetroConnect Falcon is a price/performance leader in mobile data modems & tranceivers for all your fleet management needs.


The Falcon allows for multiple ancillary devices. These devices allow you to and maintain the control you need and narrow down your operating inefficiencies, helping to keep your vehicles are running at optimum efficiency - and your assets safe.


Real-Time, Rapid Response, Fast Tracking Systems!


When connected to the PSWN, the Falcon is a powerful solution for the collection of your fleets critical data.


The Falcon provides longer range for multiple address systems and offers real-time communication with No extra software or programming.

From Fleet Management to Water, Power & Gas, The Falcon does it all.


 Mobile Applications
  • Fleet Management
  • Database Access
  • Computer Aided Dispatch
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
Other Applications
  • Data Terminals
  • Water Management
  • Remote Data Loggers
  • Oil & Gas Monitoring
  • Irrigation Control Security Systems
  • Data Logging






 The Falcon qualifies for Section 179 of the tax code. Read More.

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