Why Choose Us?

MetroConnect is a Leading Provider of Wireless Mobile Data Solutions for Business


MetroConnect products and services are designed for Real-Time, Rapid Response, Fast Tracking environments that enable our customers to supervise their vehicles, their people, their machines and their inventory.

...just about anything.


Our fully customizable applications are built to help owners, operators and managers make better decisions on the fly with the critical data they need.



We Understand the Relationship Between Us & You, Our Customer


That's Why We Do What We Do.


MetroConnect offers Fleet Management Solutions for both the commercial fleet industry and the first responders community. We also provide M2M, Telemetry & SCADA Solutions for the industrial sector, as well as Warehouse Inventory Management Systems for companies who want to gain greater visibility and insight into their supply chain.


No matter what you do, and no matter how big or small you are, MetroConnect has applications and solutions for companies looking to increase their productivity, while lowering their bottom line.


Most companies offer "canned" applications on a packaged basis. At MetroConnect, we specialize in highly configurable and fully customizable solutions. What’s more, if a fleet needs something we have yet to develop, we will build it. The result is an ever growing application store front for surely any type of business.



MetroConnect Believes in Supporting Our Homeland

From our Made in USA Fleet Armor+ family of products to our Local Main Street USA service and support (24/7/365), we have your best interests in mind all the way down the line.



The PSWN - A Private Shared Wireless Network

MetroConnect provides some of the most cost-effective equipment & airtime packages available in the mobile data marketplace today. And It all runs over a new and better kind of network, one that's fully armed with the utmost in safety, security & encryption.


The PSWN. MetroConnect's Private Shared Wireless Network. 


MetroConnect. Equipment, Applications, Airtime, Service and Support.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything in Mobile Data. Exactly what you ask for.


MetroConnect...Changing The Way America Connects


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