Local Dealers, Local Service

Quality Service Right In Your Own Back Yard. We Keep Everything Local, Which Means Improved Reliability and Faster Service

Do you remember walking into the local mechanic and knowing everyone's name? How about your local insurance broker?  When was the last time you called an operator or customer service number that wasn't out of country technical support?


MetroConnect Makes Local Main Street USA Service a Priority


The difference at MetroConnect is a shared passion to be America's Choice in Mobile Data while maintaining a Main Street USA relationship with our customers. That's why your dealer and your service center is located near you. We believe that makes all the difference.


We Strive To Bring You The Best Possible Products & Services At The Best Possible Prices


Our local sales, service and installation teams save you time and money by providing a quicker turnaround from order to delivery to installation. And with our Made in USA manufacturing facilities, warranty repairs can be assessed, expedited, and restored in a more timely fashion than sending overseas.


MetroConnect believes that our commitment to a local Main Street USA relationship provides you with better quality and better service. Together with our Made in USA brand; FleetArmor+, we deliver mobile data solutions for all of America's businesses.



*COMING SOON: MetroConnect's "MetroTracker"tracker

 A Real Time Mobile Tracking Application Built Specifically With Your Customer In Mind


Now you can offer your customers the ability to track and monitor their shipments and orders over your system, without spending millions of dollars on development and implementation.




MetroConnect. We're the Local Alternative.

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