PSWN - A Private Shared Wireless Network

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A New & Better Kind of Network

MetroConnect has Revolutionized the Wireless Data Marketplace with its Private Shared Wireless Network. PSWN is a Business-Only Network with the Utmost in Encryption, Security & Reliability.


Why Private?

Security. Privacy. Capacity. With No Public Congestion.

Sometimes, the easy way isn't always the best way. While most fleet management solutions offer competitive hardware, they almost always connect to the same networks. The same network that connects your cell phone. Though these networks work, the big drawback is capacity issues.

In high traffic times of day, or in an emergency situation, public networks inevitably jam.

This is happening more and more each day, as public users adopt smartphones and tablets that provide constant connectivity. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and even sporting events can leave networks crippled in their wake, with all lines of communications blocked.


Separating Private & Public Use

MetroConnect's PSWN is radically different. Built only for enterprise, with commercial interests in mind and with no public use whatsoever. The result is a more secure network, with little to no capacity restraints or downtime, so you can be assured that you can track and communicate at all times.

It's like having a private highway for commercial trucks.


Less Means More

The PSWN is a wide-area wireless network that provides a greater range with less infrastructure.

We pass those savings on to our customers, so you can not only save money with tools that improve your business, but you save on the airtime side of things too.


Become a Partner

Want to own a piece of the PSWN? Learn how you can become an owner of the single most important part of the communications industry, collect residual income, and become your areas One-Stop-Shop in Mobile Data with MetroConnect's MNO Partner Program. Read More.


The PSWN Certified Innovators Program

Every application built for use over the PSWN is put through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the strict requirements of our engineering team. If you think you've got what it takes, we invite application developers and programmers alike to join our PSWN Certified Innovators Program.

Together, we can Improve the Quality of American Business, one app at a time.


CertWhether you're managing a fleet of vehicles, protecting

the public, or monitoring your products and keeping tabs of your materials, your network must always perform. MetroConnect's PSWN is America's choice for mobile data.


Built For Professionals

A Private Shared Wireless Network (PSWN) can be characterized as a wide-area wireless network employed exclusively for the wireless mobility of a predefined set of mobile data applications. The wireless extensions of these applications are closely integrated with user requirements and the radio infrastructure that supports them.


The exclusivity and purpose of PSWN’s provide improved security and reliability of the network.
Unlike Cellular public networks, a PSWN provides not only connectivity but data only solutions that are focused towards a users unique application requirements. The cost to build the radio channel infrastructure of a wide-area PSWN is significantly less than that of a cellular network and provides a lower cost mobile data solution. Seeing that PSWN applications have been optimized for the wireless mobile environment, improved use of the radio channel spectrum is possible.
The simplicity, functionality and cost of the PSWN supports a wide range of mobile user’s and user applications. The PSWN and MetroConnect can offer your business all of the benefits of a private wireless system, and more! Read more on Wikipedia.

A Basic PSWN


 MetroConnect's PSWN. The Cure for the Common Carrier.


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