Our Factory



MetroConnect's FleetArmor+ line of products are

Made in the USA, and  the quality that goes into our

product line is American Made and American Grade.

The state of the art factory warehouses some of the

most efficient manufacturing processes available today.


Our staff is dedicated to bringing you the very best in

mobile data solutions, so your company can increase

the efficiency of your workers, your equipment,

and your vehicles.


Our People Are Our Most Valuable Resource

The team responsible for manufacturing the Made in USA MetroConnect products thrive in a dynamic and rewarding work environment. A shared passion to develop the very best product and exceed our customers’ expectations is what differentiates our team from the rest. It`s not just working on an assembly line, it's a sense of unity and purpose.


Check out our full line of Made in USA products here.


MetroConnect is Proudly American 


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