PSWN Certified Innovators

MetroConnect relies on the success of the innovative minds of our partners.


With MetroConnect’s Certified innovators Program,  our Certified Innovators gain a significant recurring revenue by creating world class mobile data solutions that run over our exclusive Private Shared Wireless Network. Improve the quality and efficiency of business and gain a residual income from applications and solutions that you develop for the PSWN.



MetroConnect encourages application developers, software engineers, and hardware manufacturers to join us in our goal to make mobile data solutions available to all businesses of all types and sizes.


We focus on delivering the most cutting edge technology available in the world today and combining it with ideas from some of the world's most creative application developers.  MetroConnect is committed to our Certified Innovator Partner’s success, and that's why we offer a new source of income for individuals and companies who join MetroConnect and our Certified Innovators Program.


Improving the Quality of American Business, One App at a Time


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