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What Company Was The First To Provide Worldwide Wireless Package Tracking?

Answer: FedEx       

Federal Express chose our team of engineers to design, develop and implement their very own wireless network, one of the country's first private data networks along with the world's first wireless package tracking system.  fedex-1


What Well Known Public Safety Agency Recently Upgraded Their 26 Year Old Communications Equipment To New State Of The Art Touch Screens?

product patAnswer: Los Angeles County Fire Department

LAFD contracted our highly skilled engineers to upgrade their communications infrastructure that has been otherwise untouched since 1985. Our engineers were chosen for their ability to mimic the system's functionality on upgraded hardware to eliminate re-training, all while performing the upgrade without any interruptions to emergency services and zero downtime.


What 1994 Movie Starring Charlie Sheen Featured An Early Model MDT Developed By Our Team Of Engineers?

Answer: The Chase

The MDT-9100, developed by Mobile Data International & our team of highly skilled of engineers, was a top choice for Government & Public Safety agencies throughout the nation.


What Company Was Responsible For The Country’s First Mobile Data Terminal, Who Was Subsequently Bought Out By Its Rival, Motorola?

1st MDT


Mobile Data International developed the first MDT in 1979. In 1988, they were purchased by Motorola, for $105 Million.

Our lead engineers were a part of that success story, and helped usher in the use of mobile data communications for commercial and first responders that is so important for them today.


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